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Saturday October 21, 2017   |  1 Safar al Muzaffar 1439

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Sihori: 05:57 AM  
Fajr: 06:26 AM  
Sunrise: 07:12 AM  
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Quran Quiz     
Posted On 6/30/2015
Committee : Chicago Jamaat

Click HERE to fill out the Quran Quiz questions of the day
Wajebaat Ramadan al Moazzam 1436h     
Posted On 6/18/2015
Committee : Chicago Jamaat

Mumineen are requested to following the below process in order to araz Wajebaat during Sherullah:

  • Step 1: Make an appointment online by clicking here - this appointment is for you to prepare your wajebaat paperwork and envelope with a khidmat ghuzar.
  • Step 2: Prior to your appointment date, complete your Takhmeen with Aamil saheb to finalize your wajebaat figures.

    Takhmeen is done after Isha namaz (before Niyaz jaman) in the VIP room. Those mumineen with completed envelopes will araz their wajebaat first and then mumineen for Takhmeen will follow. Mumineen are requested to form a single line outside the VIP room and will be taken in order.

  • Step 3: After your Takhmeen is completed with Aamil saheb, come to the jamaat office on your appointment date between 6:45 pm to 7:45 pm to complete your envelope with a khidmat ghuzar. Please bring your checkbook with you on this day. Your completed envelope will be held in the office until the day you would like to do your araz (can be same day or later)
  • Step 4: Araz your wajebaat envelope to Aamil saheb after Isha namaz (before Niyaz jaman) in the VIP room. Form a single file line as you will be taken first.

Please feel free to speak to a khidmat ghuzar in the jamaat office if you have any questions about this process.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation....

Handicap Parking Request for Ramadan al Moazzam 1436h     
Posted On 6/16/2015
Committee : Chicago Jamaat

During Ramadan ul Moazzam if you have a special parking requirement for yourself or someone in the family please register by clicking here.

The parking spots will be reserved and you will get a token to display. Special Parking will be allowed for mumineen with disabilities only. You must provide proof of a disability. Your registration will be approved by a committee and only then will you be given a token.

The registration must be completed by Monday June 15th, 2015.

There will be no exception made you must register.

Thank you for your cooperation....

Ramadan al Moazzam Programme 1436H     
Posted On 6/16/2015
Committee : Chicago Jamaat

All mumineen, mumenaat, and farzando should attend every day in Sherullah and receive barakaat.

The program at Al Masjid al Badri starting Wednesday June 17th is as follows, for the first week:

4:25am - Fajr Namaaz

12:55pm - Zohr/Asr Namaz

7:00pm - Quran-e-Majeed Daur

7:30pm - Quran-e-Majeed Hifz Program

7:52pm - Bayaan

8:28pm - Maghrib/Isha Namaaz, Iftar, Tasbih-ul-Azam Namaaz

Time for Maghrib Namaaz will change as per Maghrib time.

Namaaz will be followed by:

  • Wajebaat Takhmeen / Bethak (as per appointments on the website)
  • Niyaz Jaman

12:30am - Nisf ul Layl / Tahajud Namaaz

All mumineen, mumenaat, farzando and mehmano are given izan for Salawat nu Jaman and all programs during Ramadan al Moazzam 1436h. All mumineen, mumenaat, and farzando should attend and receive barakaat.

All above times are subject to change and will be e-mailed and/or posted on jamaat website.

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